Chill Out - weekly treatment 7 x 50 g

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Chill Out - weekly treatment 7 x 50 g

A food supplement in the form of a delicious sour cherry-flavoured gel

  • active ingredients - sour cherry extract, tryptophan amino acid, vitamin B6 - pyridoxine, glucose
  • ESSENS Chill Out helps to calm the body in the evening, relax the mind, relieve the feeling of exhaustion and increase overall mental well-being and better preparation for falling asleep
  • sour cherry extract stimulates the production of insulin, which, in combination with the amino acid trytophan and vitamin B6, leads to serotonin formation and increased melatonin levels
  • the neurotransmitter serotonin is a biologically active substance, produced in the brain, which influences perception and induces feelings of a good mood; decreased serotonin levels increase stress, depression and anxiety
  • the melatonin hormone is a natural ingredient of the cherry extract, it affect daily circadian rhythms and a rise in its levels is connected with the urge to sleep
  • the gel does not contain artificial colouring, gluten or lactose; a very low glycemic index allows diabetics to use this food supplement

The Weekly Treatment contains 7 x 50g packs