Conditioner for all hair types

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Conditioner for all hair types

with Aloe Vera and extracts from seven herbs

Aloe Vera extract nurtures your hair with its beneficial action, supports hair growth, dramatically improves hair quality, and provides volume and a beautiful shine. It penetrates thoroughly into the hair`s structure; deeply hydrating and regenerating damaged and split ends. The conditioner contains extracts from seven herbs:

  • Field Horsetail strengthens the hair, disinfects and nurtures the skin, and reduces dandruff
  • White Nettle is beneficial for oily hair, as it reduces excess oil and fights dandruff formation
  • Coltsfoot improves the hair`s condition, making it stronger and providing extra shine
  • Stinging Nettle strengthens the hair and helps it to fight dandruff
  • Silver Birch promotes shine and a healthy look, fights dandruff, and reduces excess oil, leaving hair shiny and supple after washing
  • Camomile calms the scalp and contains the antiseptic component alpha bisabolol, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial characteristics and which enhances the hair`s shine
  • Greater Burdock is an ancient medicinal plant traditionally used for strengthening the hair roots and for treating damaged hair. It contains substances which effectively prevent hair loss and regenerate the hair`s roots.
Silicones contained in the conditioner give the hair high shine and provide protection during drying and straightening. Silicones coat and enclose the outer structure of the hair. This shield protects against split ends, heat and mechanical damage, and UV radiation. Silicone coating is partially water-resistant, preventing both moisture loss and tangling in humid weather.

Volume: 200ml