Lift Up - weekly treatment 7 x 50 g

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Lift Up - weekly treatment 7 x 50 g

A food supplement in the form of a delicious orange-flavoured gel

  • active ingredients - schisandra chinesis extract, sucrose, threhalose, taurine amino acid and group B vitamins
  • ESSENS Lift Up is optimised to deliver the morning energy needed to start the central nervous system and organs, help prepare the body for all-day, heavy, physical and mental exercise
  • the woody creeper, schisandra chinesis, from Asia, is grown as a medical plant; is it categorised amongst adaptogens (substances that increase the resistance of organism under stress and extreme conditions, they stimulate the brain, peripheral nerves and strengthen cognitive function)
  • sucrose and trehalose are natural carbohydrates and act as a massive source of glucose for brain cells
  • trehalose stimulates the unique mechanism of autophagy and has the ability to maintain a longer life of proteins
  • group B vitamins contribute to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, which positively affects energy and metabolism
  • the amino acid taurine promotes cardiac activity and prevents the development of macular degeneration
  • the gel does not contain artificial colouring, gluten or lactose; a very low glycemic index allows diabetics to use this food supplement

The Weekly Treatment contains 7 x 50g packs